We bring you our new Collingwood Special Reserve Navy Strength Rum

Navy Strength Rum
  This dark rum is a masterful blend which includes aged rums from Gyuana and the Caribbean. At 57% it is exceptionally smooth and very easy to drink. It has a complex aroma with an underlying base of raisins, sultana and prunes combined with a more tropical element of banana and brown sugar. On the palate you can expect a smooth sweeter sense of aged smoky oak with subtle hints of dried fruits and traces of a citrus note. It leaves you with a lingering mouth-watering taste of liquorice and molasses.    Our company’s vision is to reflect the rich heritage of the Northeast and to achieve this we like to associate ourselves with some of our truly outstanding local historical giants.Indeed, our company medallion has the iconic Sir Henry Percy as its focus point. Famously he was known as ‘Harry Hotspur’, Northumberland’s most lionhearted warrior whose family lived in Alnwick Castle where we have our home.    So, when we decided to create our first naval strength rum it was a natural progression to celebrate our great local naval hero Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood with this drink. He was born in Newcastle in 1748, schooled locally then devoted his life as a real-life master and commander in our Royal Navy. He played a crucial role at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and was a close friend of Nelson. Widely recognised as a brilliant seaman, gunner, and naval strategist he lived to the age of 80 and was buried at St Paul’s Cathedral in London in 1810.    When at home he loved walking in Northumberland and was renowned for filing his pockets with acorns and dropping them into hedge rows in the hope that our navy would never again want for another Oak tree with which to build their boats. A true green visionary.    Our new product comes in a gift box along with a factual brochure of the Admiral’s more notable achievements and can be bought online here: https://www.lindisfarnemead.com/product/collingwood-special-reserve-gunpowder-proof-57/