Monthly Archives: April 2022

Music and Mead – Our latest collaboration with local musician Arð

Lindisfarne Mead - Arð Mead

We are so pleased to have teamed up with the hugely talented local musician, Mark Deeks for his latest project, Arð and the release of his latest album “Take Up My Bones” which is out on the iconic german metal label ‘Prophecy Productions’. The album is based on the history of St Cuthbert’s remains, taken by […]

We bring you our new Collingwood Special Reserve Navy Strength Rum

Navy Strength Rum

  This dark rum is a masterful blend which includes aged rums from Gyuana and the Caribbean. At 57% it is exceptionally smooth and very easy to drink. It has a complex aroma with an underlying base of raisins, sultana and prunes combined with a more tropical element of banana and brown sugar. On the palate […]