Our products

Are all your products vegan friendly?

Most of our wines are vegan, our Black Beer and Honey drink is not. If you have any specific queries, please write to us and we will let you know.

Are all your products vegetarian friendly?

All our products are vegetarian friendly – There are no fish finings/animal products used in the filtering of the Meads.

What are your best before dates?

Our bottled beers have a date stamp on the neck and are usually dated 1 year in advance of bottling date. Our other products do not have a BBD as they are wine and spirit proof strengths and are safe to drink, provided they remain unopened, for several years. If in doubt contact us using the contact form provided on our site.

Do you make your own drinks?

Our products are made, mixed, labelled and bottled in-house on Holy Island at our winery. Our Alnwick and Holy Island beers are brewed at our brewery at Hawkhill, 1 mile away from Alnwick.

How can I order items I saw in your craft shop?

Please either ring us on 01289 389230 ext#206 or send an email to sales@lindisfarne-mead.co.uk We can take a payment by phone and your payment details will be secure.

Can I buy fudge from you and have it posted to me?

Please either ring us on 01289 389230 ext#206 or send an email to sales@lindisfarne-mead.co.uk We can take a payment by phone and your payment details will be secure.

Our locations / visits

Do you offer tours of the Winery?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer tours at the Winery at present, but it is something we will be looking into starting in the future. We do however have a tasting bar in our Winery where you can sample our full range.

Do you offer tours of your Brewery?

We do not offer formal tours of the brewery yet, However, we have our Brewery Tap on site where you can have a drink and ask the staff questions as they are very knowledgeable on our processes.

Our opening times for our brewery tap are as follows;

Monday: 10-5pm

Tuesday 10-5pm

Wednesday 10-5pm

Thursday 10-5pm

Friday 10-7pm

Saturday 10-5pm

Sunday Closed

What are your opening times of the shop?

The uniqueness of having a shop on Holy Island means that our opening times change with the tides. We display times on our Facebook page, or ring us on 01289 389230 ext#206.

You can also find the tide times from the Northumberland County https://holyislandcrossingtimes.northumberland.gov.uk/

What days are you closed?

On Holy Island, the shop is only closed on Christmas Day. For information on our other outlets, please check with the individual shops using the social media links below:



How can we get to your shop on Holy Island?

There are two car parks on Holy Island. The closest one is the coach car park. From there, we are only a short walk. You will see our St. Aidan flags displayed outside the building

Are you ever closed during a closed tide?

We aim to stay open during closed tides, especially in the spring, summer and autumn. Please check for winter opening on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lindisfarnemead

Our policies

What is your refund policy and how/what time frame do I have to return? -Refunds in respect of online purchases

If you receive any products that were clearly deficient when we dispatched them to you, we are very understanding regarding refund timeframes. We understand that many people are visiting us from afar. Please contact us to discuss.

Unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for the service quality from our outsourced couriers. We do however constantly check the quality of their delivery service and change them if it falls below acceptable levels.

Refunds from our retail purchasing outlets

You may withdraw/cancel an order at any time up to the end of the fourteenth day after receipt of the goods. A withdrawal/cancellation of an order must be notified either by e-mail or in writing followed by the return of the good(s) (where applicable). Such notification must be received within fourteen days of the customer receiving the goods. A customer does not need to give the HHH group of companies any reason for withdrawing the order.

Items may only be returned if the seal remains unbroken and the goods are in the original condition. The customer must supply an order confirmation number in order to receive a refund and must return the goods to St Aidan’s Winery, The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England TD15 2RX within 14 days of receiving the order. Where orders are cancelled and goods have already been dispatched, the HHH group of companies will refund the cost of the goods less delivery postage

Where we sell to

Where do you ship to?

We ship throughout the United Kingdom including of course Northern Ireland.

How do I buy your mead in the US?

We have a link with a distributor in California. Here are the details: HPS Epicurean, Romana, CA 92065



How can I find where I can buy your products locally to me?

If you give us a call on 01289 389230 ext#206, or email sales@lindisfarne-mead.co.uk we can check with the sales team as to your nearest stockist.

Would you provide for my private function or wedding?

We are able to provide a professional service. Please contact us on 01289 389230 ext#206 or send an email to sales@lindisfarne-mead.co.uk and one of our sales teams will contact you as soon as possible.

I'm in Australia is there any way I can get your drinks?

We are not able to ship to Australia at the moment, but this is one of the countries we are looking to add to our distribution list.

Gifts, personalisation's and offers

Do we do gift vouchers?

If you would like a gift voucher for a special occasion, please contact us on 01289 389230 ext#206 and we would be happy to accommodate you with this. All gift vouchers are eligible for use within 6 months of purchase.

Can you personalise a gift for us?

We can write a card on your behalf, with a personalised message. Just let us know what you want it to say.

Please contact us on 01289 389230 ext#206.

Do you ever do special deals?

We offer special deals on our website, as well as updating you on new and introductory offers.

If you would like to sign up to get these please fill in the following contact form

Do you do special deals for Christmas?

We offer discount codes and bundle offers on selected products at Christmas online. At other times of the year, we do select offers again online. You can be part of these exciting deals by giving us your email details – we won’t bother you otherwise – and we’ll update you with introductory offers and special deals.

Delivery service

What are your delivery times?

Due to the complexities of operating from a tidal island, deliveries can take a little longer. Collections are usually scheduled for a Tuesday, with delivery on a Thursday or Friday. Please allow for logistical and tidal delays.

Where do you deliver to?

Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Covid-19 Issues

Will I need the track and trace app to visit you?

No, this is optional however for the safety of our customers we recommend you leave your details just in case.


How can I get your wholesale price list?

One of our sales team will be able to liaise with you. Please contact us on 01289 389230 ext#206

If I was to stay over on the island, where can I stay?

There is a good selection of B&Bs, cottages, and hotels on the island. Please contact the tourism information office for Berwick and Alnwick.