We provide wholesale 9-gallon casks of the following beers. To order these please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in contact with you to discuss prices and delivery options. 

Alnwick IPA – abv 4.5%

A traditional India Pale ale with an appealing hoppy aroma of bitter oranges to start followed by a hoppy taste packed with bitter resins. 

Alnwick Amber – abv 3.8%

A notable ale of light amber colour with a refreshing citrus after taste and a dry hop character 

Alnwick Gold – abv 4.2% 

brilliant golden (blonde) ale with an especially pronounced hop character from its Gold hops which offers clean refreshing flavours and aromas. 

Cascade – abv 3.8%

A light session pale ale with notes of lychees, mango and gooseberries 

Hotspur – abv 4.4% 

This stronger beer is a modern day take on a traditional IPA. It is brewed from West Coast US Sincoe, Mosaic and Citra hops which creates full fruity and citrus flavours and bouquet. It is soft on the palate and is a very well-balanced drink. 


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