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­­­­­­A Taste of Northumberland’s History: the Percy Special

We are thrilled to celebrate our ongoing association with Alnwick Castle by expanding our esteemed “Percy” range of drinks. We have a new drink called the “Percy Special” to go with our popular rum and ginger drink, the Percy Warmer. Unveiling the Percy Special: A Journey into History and Flavour The Percy Special, a timeless […]

Lindisfarne Mead: A History of Tradition and Innovation

Lindisfarne Mead traces its origins back to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, located off the northeastern coast of England. The history of Lindisfarne Mead is interwoven with the rich heritage of the island, which dates back centuries. It is believed that the tradition of brewing mead on Lindisfarne began during the time of the early […]

Music and Mead – Our latest collaboration with local musician Arð

Lindisfarne Mead - Arð Mead

We are so pleased to have teamed up with the hugely talented local musician, Mark Deeks for his latest project, Arð and the release of his latest album “Take Up My Bones” which is out on the iconic german metal label ‘Prophecy Productions’. The album is based on the history of St Cuthbert’s remains, taken by […]

James Martin’s Islands to Highlands

Did you see the recent ITV episode of James Martin’s Islands to Highlands series filmed in Northumberland, which featured our premises on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne? The episode features the beauty of the iconic island of Lindisfarne, where James spent time at our renowned Winery, which is a must for visitors to the island. […]