Vulcan Label & Alnwick Rum Collaboration!

uVulcan XJ823 Limited Edition Rum:
First release of 150 x numbered Vulcan XJ823, Alnwick Legendary Dark Rum labels.
Before we released this label we were lucky enough to be in contact with John Falk who’s father was the Avro Vulcan chief test pilot, Wing Commander Roland “Roly” John Falk OBE AFC (1916 – 1985)!

“Roly” Falk demonstrated the Vulcan on several occasions and designed much of the cockpit layout. During the 1995 Farnborough Air Show he even barrel-rolled a Vulcan at the top of the post take-off climb!

With such a strong family connection to the Vulcan we were absolutely thrilled that John agreed to be our new Vulcan label “test pilot”, and that he has given it the “Thumbs Up” and “Cleared it for Take-Off”!

Batch 06.21 – 04.01 Rum Batch
As Blue Skies Club Members we give you first access to this Limited Edition first release of 150 x numbered Vulcan Labels.

Supersonic Vulcan Bomber?
On the 5th Feb 1970 in Akrotiri, the captain of XJ823 was authorised to carry out an air test and a high speed run starting at 50,000ft.
Apparently the aircraft was reluctant to slow down and the air brakes didn’t help. He was pulling back on the stick as hard as he could but was unable to pull out of the dive, he ordered the crew to abandon the aircraft but they were unable due to the g force.
Finally around 30,000ft, the aircraft started to respond and began to slow down and pull up, the captain reported that he thinks the speed indicator was reading 1.0 IMN – Indicated Mach Number!!

Solway Vulcan:
This aircraft is now on display at the Solway Aviation Museum. Based at Carlisle Airport, the museum is home to a collection of aircraft, aviation artefacts and displays reflecting Britain’s position as a world leader in aircraft design and innovation at the dawn of the jet age.
Find out more about XJ823 by paying them a visit any weekend until 31 October 2021, or head to their website at or follow them on social media.

New Collaboration:
Alnwick Rum Company
We have been working for a long time to finalise this fantastic collaboration and it is our absolute pleasure to introduce to you through our new Vulcan label;
Alnwick Rum Company and their Legendary Dark Rum.

The Legendary Vulcan Bomber and a Legendary Alnwick Dark Rum!
The Alnwick Rum Company commenced trading in 1914 with its Legendary Dark Rum. This special rum recipe was lost and went out of circulation, and when the original Alnwick Brewery was demolished in the 1980s, the recipe was rediscovered.

The brand was acquired by Harry Hotspur Holdings in 2013 and still uses the original processes to maintain the historic essence of the rum.
Alnwick Legendary Dark Rum has been produced since 1914 at 43%. It is a blend of 8 carefully selected Jamaican and Guyana rums, aged up to 3 years old in American oak barrels.

Its clean smooth texture from its double Column Still creates bold, spicy dark rum, perfect for making cocktails and mixed drinks.
On the nose, you can instantly recognize the caramelized Demerara sugar with a strong hint of liquorice and on the pallet a wooden vanilla flavour, dried fruits with a caramel after-note and hints of Demerara sugar.
It has a long-lasting smooth aftertaste, which is typically enjoyed on the rocks or as long drink with your favourite mixers, like ginger ale or cola.

Vulcan XH558 allegedly performed two barrel rolls during its very last flight whilst over Grantham in Lincolnshire!
This was denied by all involved but a video does exist of that “apparent” double farewell manoeuvre.
If anyone was in any doubt about this old bird’s capabilities towards the end of her flying days, we are sure that her last controversial flight would surely erase those doubts.

It certainly made sure that she went out in style!
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