Music and Mead – Our latest collaboration with local musician Arð

We are so pleased to have teamed up with the hugely talented local musician, Mark Deeks for his latest project, Arð and the release of his latest album “Take Up My Bones” which is out on the iconic german metal label ‘Prophecy Productions’.

The album is based on the history of St Cuthbert’s remains, taken by the Lindisfarne monks, on an epic 200-year journey from The Holy Island of Lindisfarne to their final resting place in Durham at the site of Durham Cathedral where St Cuthbert lies in reverence to this day.

Supporting the release of this album we at Lindisfarne Mead have provided unique gift sets that comprises a copy of the Album in CD format, a 1 litre bottle of our collaborative 14.5% ARÐ mead and 1 or 2 St Cuthbert’s mead cups as well as selling the bottle individually which is our first ever online 1 litre product!

We are renowned for our light flavoursome meads but this collaborative dark mead is an ideal way to celebrate this Album; it is perfect to sip and reflect as the evocative music plays. 

We are also proud to have a selling platform into Europe for our exclusive package offer which can be purchased here:

You can also purchase his album directly:

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