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It’s neither.

Mead sits somewhere between beer and wine in terms of its brewing and fermentation process. However, it stands out in its own category, bearing closer resemblance to beer due to its consistency and production methods. Unlike wine, which can vary significantly from one vintage to another, good mead aims to maintain consistency across seasons.

Fundamentally, beer, mead and cider are all brewed and fermented beverages, unlike wine, which doesn’t involve a brewing process.

Mead’s simplicity appeals to many. Craft beer and mead both emphasise natural ingredients and consistency, making them easily recognisable and enjoyable.

Mead is often seen as beer-adjacent, appealing to casual consumers seeking a straightforward drink without the need for extensive knowledge. Maintaining transparency in ingredients is crucial, ensuring consumers understand what they’re drinking.

So, while mead can be referred to as “honeywine,” it represents a more approachable and straightforward alternative to wine. This is why we talk of a mead brewery and not a mead distillery. It’s worth noting that mead holds the distinction of being one of the earliest known alcoholic beverages consumed by humans.

Mead Brewery

The origins of Lindisfarne and its traditional meads can be traced back to the 7th Century, rooted in the island’s rich ecclesiastical history dating back to the establishment of St Aidan’s monastery in 643 AD. Some elements of our mead production even predate this period, harking back to the time of Roman occupation. Drawing inspiration from the magnificent Lindisfarne Gospels, crafted by Bishop Eadfrith around 700 AD, our branding incorporates striking graphics and a distinctive visual signature.

Our brand has gained global recognition and has been distributed in distant places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and the USA. With over 2,500,000 bottles of our Original sold, we boast a strong and loyal following.

Visitors can experience our meads first-hand at our tasting bar. Additionally, this year, we introduce our unique Lindisfarne Gin, produced by our sister company, The Alnwick Rum & Spirits Company. Our gin features Meadowsweet, sourced from the island itself. We are also excited to unveil our new Viking range of meads, set to be released throughout 2021.

Our craft shop showcases one of the widest arrays of local artifacts in the region, making it a favourite destination for tourists.

We welcome visitors 360 days a year, but we advise checking the tide times before planning your visit.


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