James Martin’s Islands to Highlands

Did you see the recent ITV episode of James Martin’s Islands to Highlands series filmed in Northumberland, which featured our premises on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne?

The episode features the beauty of the iconic island of Lindisfarne, where James spent time at our renowned Winery, which is a must for visitors to the island. The program also shows off the exquisite Northumbrian coastline including the world famous Bamburgh Castle.

James demonstrated the versatility of our Mead by using it in a very simple recipe. He warmed and whisked half a dozen egg yolks and caster sugar with our Original Mead over a pan of hot water, adding warm gelatine and whipped cream which, as you mix, turns from yellow to white. This creates a perfect parfait mix that can be put in moulds and chilled. It can be accompanied by a hazel nut praline and blackberries.

Add a touch of fruit sorbet with dressing and you have a brilliant Lindisfarne Parfait ideal for summer eating at any time.

A great James Martin recipe using our world-famous mead.