Villages by the Sea looks at the heritage of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Have you ever wondered just what Holy Island looks like and why we have our headquarters there as we celebrate the history of the region through our world-renown Meads? Look out for a great show this Thursday on BBC 2 at 7.30 pm on 12 March 2020 where Ben Robinson, as part of a series on Villages by the Sea, looks at the unique heritage of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne where we have had our main production site at our St Aidan’s Winery for over 50 years. Did you know this is a tidal village a mile out into the North Sea cut off twice daily by the relentless sea? In the programme, Ben discovers stories from our glorious island’s history which covers the arrival of both Christianity in England and the Vikings in 793 AD. He uncovers stories of the monks that you may never have heard before. It was initially aired locally earlier this year and was extremely well received and is now going National. On the show listen to our production manager Shane Gun Wilson talk on his life and experiences as a fully born and bred Islander. Shane and his sister Jodie both work for us. Jodie runs our Lindisfarne Accounts activity and they are both true Islanders coming from a family that has its roots on the Island for hundreds of years since the 1500s. See the island behind our unique range of products, our famed meads of which we have sold over 2 million bottles since we set up in the early 1960s. Learn about our wildlife, our local seals and an amazing variety of sea birds. Learn of our fishing tradition and our huge international tourist pull. Did you know that traditionally we attract over half a million people to our tidal island and it remains one of the most visited places to celebrate Easter in the region? Watch the program to see the beauty of the island and particularly get a feel for the pureness of the air as the fresh clean winds to let you drink the beauty of Northumbria as you imagine standing on our dunes or walk to our magnificent Castle out on a headland point. And whilst on the island pop into our wonderfully equipped shop to taste a full range of our drinks at our tasting bar, our home-made fudges and a unique collection of craft artefacts. Don’t miss the show!