Glen Aln

Some 50 years after we launched our own whisky back in the 1950’s we have just launched our new 2018 limited edition Glen Aln whisky. This is a blend of fine scotch malt & grain whisky aged over 5 years. It is an ideal Christmas present to give especially if you are looking for a present no one will have received this century. Certainly one for the collection to any lover of smooth tasty whisky. “It was created in order to honour the original Glen Aln whisky we produced in the 1950s through the Alnwick Rum Company Limited” said general manager Paul Stephenson. Head of sales Jannick Genouw who also runs our retail outlet in Alnwick called A Taste of Northumbria believes that the whisky will be much appreciated. He reflected on the finer aspects of the whisky being, A blend of carefully selected malt and grain whiskies, aged in sherry casks and bottled at 46% ABV It has a fine palate, it is a non-chill filtered whisky, which has deep full nutty spiced flavours with long lingering finish from the natural oils To the nose, it is crisp and sweet, holding floral notes with sultanas giving an aroma of fresh baked bread It finishes with slight smoky spiced notes and a good hint of oak. We feel it is best consumed neat, on the rocks or with ginger wine to create a perfect whisky mac. Over all a beautifully smooth experience. This limited run available now on our website has an ABV of 46% and is also available in 70 cl bottles at A Taste Of Northumbria in Alnwick or at our sister shop at St Aidan’s Winery on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne at a price of £33.99. Don’t wait too long we only have a limited run of this first run. On a sadder note we were all very saddened to hear of the death of Ian Linsley during the summer. He was our global rum ambassador and had it not been for him, and his drive to save the business, we would not be here today. He was associated with our rum brand through out his life and we know he was delighted when he heard we were bringing back the Glen Aln name. We would like to dedicate this first issue of the Glen Aln to his memory and will be toasting his efforts with a glass of this our new whisky: we will always remember him.